Sport Activites

Being within an entity like the AFCM builds strength, will and determination for excellence.

The work and functions of the Sports Education Section of the AFCM:

  • Working to raise the level of physical fitness for college cadets by supervising the implementation of the morning fitness queue in different training locations.
  • Preparing the daily work plan for the morning fitness queue in line with the nature of work within the college.
  • Preparation for participation in the military colleges league at the level of the sports agency of the Armed Forces every year at a rate of all the required sports teams.
  • Preparation to participate in the championship of physical competence for cadets of military colleges, which is organized by the Armed Forces Training Authority every training year.
  • Conducting level tests for college cadets in physical fitness to determine the level of physical competence of the students.
  • Supervising the implementation of the afternoon activity period from 1410 to 1600 hours per day and providing tools and equipment to practice daily sports activity.
  • Conducting internal competitions for cadets represented in the company League, which allows permanently working to raise the physical fitness and morale of college cadets.

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