Scientific Activites

The Armed Forces College of Medicine has a great deal of scientific activities like:

IGEM Competitions

IGEM ​​is an international competition in synthetic biology and is an acronym for (International Genetically Engineered Machine). The rules of this competition allow students of all levels of study, from the secondary school period to the period of university studies and the period after graduation from the university to participate in the competition, and students from all over the world can also apply and participate in this competition and compete among themselves according to the conditions of the competition, bringing the number of competing teams in Each year to 350 teams.

Medals Obtained By The Armed Forces College Of Medicine:

  • Bronze Medal in 2016.
  • Gold Medal in 2017.
  • Silver Medal in 2018.
  • Bronze Medal in 2019.
  • Gold Medal in 2020.
  • Bronze Medal in 2021.

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