Assessments System


  • The College is committed to the declared and accredited Code of Assessment. Based on the exams blueprint matrix, it develops written exams and prepares practical exams. This system is approved by the College Council.

     Periodical and final exams’ schedule are to be                   announced at the  beginning of the academic year.

  • A number of (formative assessment exams) are administered throughout the academic term. They are determined from the beginning of the academic year to ensure that the cadets comprehend the scientific content, and to conduct some corrective measures, if required, to maintain educational objectives.

       Summative assessment is conducted continuously                   throughout the academic year (continuous assessment),         and End year exams.

  • When a cadet gets less than 60% of the total subject scores, 60% of the practical exams (OSCE) and 40% in the written exam of any mandatory subject or fails to attend the final exam without an excuse accepted by the college, the cadet fails.
  • English language and elective courses are pass / fail and are not reflected in degrees integrated in the term total degrees.
  • The cadet is evaluated at the module and final assessment. The grades of each curriculum is divided as follows: clinical phase 50% end year assessment & 50% module assessment, preclinical phase 60% module assessment 40% end year assessment .

    All Exams  includes:



Selected Response Format (SR): (MCQs-EMQ-…..etc.)

Constructed Response Format (CR): (Constructed Response Short Essay Questions).

Assessment dates:



The end year exam is in July and August.

 The re-test is in September.


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