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The Information Systems Branch provides students with an upgrade of the electronic educational system and improvement in the technical support for this system in line with the medical educational curricula - starting from the admission and registration stage, through the management of academic courses, to academic guidance and evaluation, as well as working to provide many advantages to ensure the interaction of students Engage them consistently and then keep them on the right track for success.

Student Services:

Information systems provide students with advanced tools to provide specialized academic guidance for each student, which helps the AFCM in improving students' success rates.

  •  Providing appropriate information and services to support teaching, learning and scientific research.
  •  Providing academic models that support personal and professional learning activities.
  •  Simplify the procedures for publishing test results.
  •  The Information Systems Branch provides communication and connectivity between the AFCM and the American University of Michigan to facilitate and facilitate the exchange of academic experiences and information between universities.
  •  The Information Systems Branch is working to provide a high-speed internet service, which facilitates the education process.

 Integration Of Systems With College Departments:

Integration of information systems with the academic enterprise resource planning system, which includes many educational and development platforms, providing a central repository of information for students enrolled in the college.

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