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Combined fractional carbon dioxide laser and long-pulsed neodymium : yttrium-aluminium-garnet (1064 nm) laser in treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa; a prospective randomized intra-individual controlled study

Amira A. Abdel Azim1, MD, MRCP (UK), MRCP Dermatology, Rania T. Salem1, MBBcH,

Rania Abdelghani1,2, MD

International journal of dermatology

Volume57, Issue9 September 2018 Pages 1135-1144


Optical coherence tomographic (OCT) evaluation of intraoral non-ablative erbium: YAG laser (SMOOTH mode) in rejuvenation of nasolabial folds; A prospective randomized split face comparative pilot study ; a …

Nayera Moftah1  | Nevien Samy2  | Riham S. H. M. Allam3  | Shaza A. H. El Tagy4 |

Rania Abdelghani1,2, MD

John Wiley & Sons Ltd

Volume26, Issue3 May 2020 Pages 405-412


Clinical characteristics of pediatric hidradenitis suppurativa: a cross‑sectional multicenter study of 140 patients

Peter Theut Riis1,2 • Ditte Marie Saunte1,2 • Viktoria Sigsgaard1,2 • Axel Patrice Villani3,4 • Philippe Guillem3 • José C. Pascual5 • Naomi N. Kappe6 • Annika M. J. D. Vanlaerhoven6 • Hessel H. van der Zee6 • Errol P. Prens6 • Moetaz El‑Domyati7 • Hossam Abdel‑Wahab7 • Nayera Moftah8 • Rania Abdelghani8,9 • Eugenia Agut‑Busquet25,26 • Jorge Romaní10 • Carol Hlela11 • Lerinza van den Worm11 • Vincenzo Bettoli12 • Giada Calamo12 • Mehmet Ali Gürer13 • Burcu Beksaç13 • Lukasz Matusiak14 • Amelia Glowaczewska14 • Jacek C. Szepietowski14 • Lennart Emtestam15 • Jan Lapins15 • Hassan Riad Kottb16 • Mohammad Fatani17 • Lisa Weibel18,19 • Martin Theiler18,19 • Maïa Delage‑Toriel20 • Thi Thanh Hong Lam20 • Aude Nassif20 • Pierre‑Andre Becherel21 • Mateja Dolenc‑Voljc22 • Nejib Doss23 • Dorra Bouazzi1,2 • Farida Benhadou24 • Veronique del Marmol24 • Gregor B. E. Jemec1,2 ,

Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature 2020



Microbotox for the treatment of wide facial pores: A promising therapeutic approach
Yasmina Ahmed El Attar MD1,2,3

Journal of cosmetics dermatology

Volume 20, Issue 5 i, 1357-1562


The hidden impact of different Blastocystis genotypes on C-3 and IgE serum levels: a matter of debate in asthmatic Egyptian children

Enas A. El Saftawy1,2

Noha M. Amin1

Dina H. Hamed3

Aly Elkazazz3

Sherihan Adel4

Journal of Parasitic Diseases



A Holistic Review on Chloroquine/Hydroxychloroquine the AntiParasitic Therapeutics
El Saftawy EA1,2 , and, Abdelmoktader A3*

Virology & Immunology Journal

Volume 4 Issue 1


Can Toxoplasma gondii Pave the Road for Dementia?

Enas A. El Saftawy,1,2 Noha M. Amin,1 Rania M. Sabry,3 Noha El-Anwar,2,4 Rania Y. Shash,5 Eman H. Elsebaie,6 and Rita M. Wassef 7

Hindawi Journal of Parasitology Research

Volume 2020, Article ID 8859857


Insights into immunopathology and triggering of apoptosis in chronic cerebral toxoplasmosis using murine models

Enas A. El Saftawy, Shash, R.Y.3, Aboulhoda, B.E.5, Arsanyos, S.F.5, Albadawi, E.A.6, Abou-Fandoud, S.M.7, Kamel, R.M.8, Amin, N.M.1,4

Tropical Biomedicine



Can endemic parasitic diseases and/or vectors play a role in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Enas A Elsaftawy1,2, Rita M Wassef3, Noha M Amin1

Parasitology united journal

Vol. 14, No. 1, April, 2021


Multidisciplinary biomarkers aggrieve morbidity in schistosomiasis

Noha, M.A.1*, Enas, A.E.2, Aly, E.3 and Mohamed, A.E.4

Malaysian society of parasitology and tropical medicine



Does repeated gold-nanoparticles administration affect pars distalis hormonal and folliculo-stellate cells in adult male albino rats?

Abeer Ibraheem Omar1, Samaa Samir Kamar1, 2

Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica



Antioxidant and antiapoptotic paracrine effects of mesenchymal stem cells on spermatogenic arrest in oligospermia rat model

Maha Baligh Zickria

Mohamed Hafez Moustafaa

Alaa Essam-Eldin Fasseha

Samaa Samir Kamarab


Volume 237


The effect of ketogenic diet escalation in adolescents and adults with drug-resistant epilepsy: a prospective study

Nirmeen Adel Kishka, Hanaa Zaghloul Yousofb,c Asmaa Mohamed Ebraheim a

Asmaa Mohamed Ebraheim a,

Thanaa Abdel Fattah Ali Elkholyd,

Shaimaa H. Solimana,

Randa Adel Mohammedd and

Reham Mohamed Shamloul a

Nutritional Neuroscience An International Journal on Nutrition, Diet and Nervous System



Percutaneous Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy in Obese Patients


Med. J. Cairo Univ.

Vol. 89, No. 3, 881-887


HCV/HIV coinfected Egyptian patients: a cross-sectional study of their main characteristics and barriers to HCV treatment initiation

Rasha Eletrebya, Gamal Esmata,b, Aisha Elsharkawya, Lamiaa Alsehemya, Rahma Mohameda, Shereen Abdel Alem a, Samaa Samir Kamar

Ahmed Cordiea, and Rania M. Lithya,∗

Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene



Low dose pterostilbene-mediated hepatic chemoprevention in diethylnitrosamine-treated rats: Modulation of Ppar alpha, Nrf2 and Capase3 expression

Dalia Abdel-Wahab Mohamed a, Asmaa A. Abozeid f, Hasnaa Mamdouh Abd Elazeem b , Hanan Abd Al-Hameid b , Reham H. Mohamed c , Mohamed F. Abdel-Salam d , Soha Abuelela e, Magda I. Mohamad a


Gene Reports Volume 25, December 2021, 101353


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